Why our products are safe for health…

September 16, 2019

Why our products are safe for health…


Vlad Magdalin

Chief executive officer

1. Bed is the main accent in your bedroom.

Bed is the most important attribute of any bedroom. Her choice should be given special attention.
It can be made of different materials, have different shapes. The trend of the season is the absence of unnecessary details and additional elements. Designers suggest abandoning carved backs and a variety of ornaments.Now the fashion for minimalism prevails. Furniture should have the right lines, simple shapes and classic colors.

1. Name picture

hoosing the length, the most important thing is to focus on your height or the growth of your second half, if it is larger. The minimum height margin should be at least 10 centimeters, but for maximum comfort it is desirable to be more.As for the width of the bed, it is enough to lie on it and, throwing your hands behind your head, stretch your elbows. If you have enough space on your half, the bed suits you. If not, other options should be considered. With regard to the shape, it can be said that the most rational choice will be in favor of a standard rectangle.

2. Wardrobe as primary storage location.

Perhaps the most necessary thing in the bedroom, after a comfortable bed, is a closet. After all, it is in it that we fold all the things and bedding. Therefore, the selection of the cabinet must be taken very seriously.

2. 1. Cabinet dimensions.

Naturally, the size of the cabinet will be quite small in any case. After all, it will store many things that should fit carefully there. There are the following types of cabinets:

  • Classic cabinet

  • Sliding wardrobe

  • Built-in wardrobe

  • Corner cabinet

2. 2. Best configuration for cabinet

Which closet is better? It depends on your needs. Do you like to keep everything you need at hand, and most appreciate order? Choose a classic cabinet with an open-ended design.

1.   Consider number and height of shelves
2.  The color of the closet should repeat the color of the bedroom
         2.1.  Select a neutral color
         2.2.  Consider the room environment
3.  Always choose functional furniture

3. In conclusion

A bedroom with a closet coupe will delight the eye every day. It is comfortable and at the same time beautiful. That is why this type of furniture leads among the choice of consumers. Our company is ready to make the closet coupe for the bedroom on order inexpensively. Make measurements, make a project, leave the product at any point.

In the modern market there are many cabinet models. Contact us to make the right choice.

— Nova Builder

In the modern market there are many cabinet models. Contact us to make the right choice.

— Mike Fort
A wardrobe is the perfect solution to the issue of storing things in an apartment or house. We will help you with the selection.Contact our managers for answers to all your questions.